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This question may seem impossible, but it is entirely possible at our agency. Yes, you can order and pay for your driving licence online here with us. Our agency will help you not only with your driving licence without exam, but also other documents; Real driving licences, Identity cards, residence permits, School reports, Boat licences, Pilot licences, Passports, visas, MPU validation, medical certificates and much more - we have all the documents you need to make your life easier. Our agency is at your side to provide you with high quality and reliable documents that meet your requirements. You can contact us now to order

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To be able to participate legally and safely in road traffic, a real driving licence is essential. Order your real driving licence from our agency to ensure your mobility and enjoy all the benefits of a valid driving licence.

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To prove your fitness to drive and get your driving licence back, an MPU validation is required. Order your MPU validation from our agency to prove your fitness to drive and successfully regain your driving licence.

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An authentic ID card is an important document that confirms your identity and gives you access to various services. Order from our agency to be able to prove your identity in a legally secure and reliable way.

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A genuine visa is essential for legal entry and residence in a particular country. Order your genuine visa from our agency to enable international travel, work or study and overcome bureaucratic hurdles.

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A legal residence permit is essential to settle your residence status in a country and enjoy the benefits of legal residence. Order your residence permit from our agency to clarify your legal status and secure your stay.

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Travel abroad quickly and easily with an Express Pass. Order your Express Pass from our agency to make last-minute travel plans come true and explore the world.

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A real boating licence is an important document to be able to navigate the waters and pursue your passion for boating. Order Your boat licence at our agency to make your sailing dreams come true. See more and order now

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Order your German papers and other EU documents from our agency to meet various legal requirements and make your everyday life easier. We offer a reliable and fast solution for ordering all necessary documents.

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A valid pilot's licence opens the door to aviation and allows you to realise your dream of flying. Order your pilot licence from our agency to support your flying ambitions and open up professional flying opportunities. See more and order now

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Acquiring citizenship gives you many benefits, including access to social benefits, freedom of movement and political rights. Order your citizenship documents from our agency to clarify your legal status and enjoy the benefits of citizenship.

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Official school certificates are essential for educational and career opportunities. Order your school certificates from our agency to have your education and qualifications recognised and improve your career opportunities. Buy IELT certificates in Berlin without exams. Buy TOIEC and TOEFL online seamlessly. Buy GOETHE CERTIFICATE online. Express buy genuine registered A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 language certificates online in one day. Buy first FCE or B2 certificate, buy Russian TORFL 2 certificate A1 and Russian TRKI 2 certificate for sale. You can also buy a urine test from us. Order a cannabis patient card online without a medical examination. Order a certificate or diploma now!

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Medical certificates are important documents that confirm your health and medical condition. Order your medical certificates from our agency to meet your medical needs and work in certain areas.

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Testimonials from our satisfied customers speak for themselves:

Anna K., Vienna
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"I was impressed by the professionalism and accuracy of the documents I received from this agency. My school certificate was recognised without any problems and I was able to start my dream job in the USA." - Anna K., Vienna
Angelika Smidcht, Munich
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I live in Munich, 43 years old. I had already been cheated once when I bought my driving licence online. I lost all hope because I couldn't pass my driving test. Guess what happened? I am the proud owner of a registered driving licence. I have been cleared by the police and all authorities. Fuhrerschein3Tag got me this licence within 3 days and I received it right at my doorstep a day later. It happened only a week ago. I saw it like Thomas in the Bible before I believed! KISSE guys, you are great! I will be referring more clients to you and my daughter's documents as promised.
David Smolov, Zurich
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"I had difficulties renewing my residence permit, but thanks to the help of this agency, the process was quick and hassle-free. I highly recommend their services." - David Smolov, Zurich
Max M. Ginter, Berlin
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"I ordered both my driving licence and passport from this agency. The quality of the documents is amazing. Not only were they quick to process, but they were also very helpful throughout the process." - Max M. Ginter, Berlin
Laura G., Hamburg
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"I got my boating licence and my pilot's licence from this agency. The documents were recognised by the authorities and I was able to realise my passion for sailing and flying." - Laura G., Hamburg
Thomas H., Munich
Thomas H., Munich
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"I am impressed with the professionalism and excellent customer service of this agency. My order was delivered on time and I received my German papers in no time." - Thomas H., Munich
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